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Welcome to Reflective Inc.  

The Visibility Enhancement Company.  We specialize in retro reflective tapes, reflective panels and reflective shapes as well as non skid and reflective road marking products.The links below will take you to our commercial and informational sites. We have three general commerce sites that carries the majority of our products.  We also have several specialty sites that carry specific types of tapes or products.  Finally we have a large number of informational sites that provide regulatory information, images, and instructions.

General All Inclusive Sites : – All of our products on one site.  Also has a wholesale section at the bottom of the page for bulk orders. (Our most popular site) – Our New easier to use site. Powered by Shopify.  All of our products are here. – Our original site.  Contains the majority of our products.

Product Specific Sites : –  Affordable  glass bead reflective tapes.  Not quite as bright as prismatic tapes but better suited for certain applications.  Stretchable, flexible reflective tapes. – Very bright Prismatic reflective tapes by Orafol.   Full line of Oralite tapes.  (DOT, School Bus, SOLAS, RGA, FRA, V98, V82, V92) – Wider, full rolls of reflective prismatic and glass bead tapes. All 150 foot rolls. – Reflective Chevron Panels for the backs of fire, utility, motorcycles and emergency vehicles. – Reflective shapes, dots, squares, octagons, and other custom shapes for creating reflective designs on diamond plate and other surfaces. –  NFPA fire helmet shapes.  Hard hat reflective decals. Specialty reflective shapes. – Non Skid Tapes, Floor Tapes and some Reflective & DOT tapes. – Reflective pavement marking products, preformed thermoplastic, road markers, and non skid tapes. – Raised reflective pavement markers and adhesive pads. – SOLAS tape and alternatives. (Safety of Life at Sea) Brightest tape available. Coast guard approved. – Red and White (silver) DOT conspicuity tape for large trucks.  We also carry school bus tape on this site. – Trueline Parking Lot Stripers.  Manufactured by Trusco Mfg.  Affordable commercial quality paint stripers. – Rolls of vinyl striping for general and automotive use. – Roll converting service.  Wide rolls cut down by our slitters to narrower rolls,

Informational Sites : – Regulations, Specifications and Comparisons.  The site covers what reflective tape is, what it is used for, the different types and what applications are mandated by the government.  Technical articles on the different types of reflective tapes, how they reflect, and the history of reflective tape. – Articles with Pictures of all the different types of reflective tape.  Application articles and a series of articles on reducing rear end collisions through increased visibility. – Picture gallery site for our reflective chevron panels. – Picture gallery site for our reflective shapes for diamond plate and other applications. – Preformed thermoplastic road striping. Torch (melt) down pavement marking. – Our gallery of automobile racing (rally) stripe pictures.  Also contains information on vinyl stripe installation.

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