FAQ – Do you ship to Canada?

3. Do you ship to Canada?

Answer – Yes.  We can ship with a Fedex label that you provide to us.  Here is how it works.  

First, you will need to email us with your order request so that we can let you know the total price and availability.  If you are satisfied you can then call us or we can call you for credit card information.  Our number is 850-934-3157.  Once the order is paid for we will email you the box weight and dimensions.  

You will then go to www.fedex.com/returns and click on the “How to create a label” link.  On that page there is a video and written instructions.  You can either create an account or do a one time credit card transaction.  

You will want to create an email label that we can print at our location.  Make sure to check the box that says the receiver (you) will pay duties, customs and fees.  You will also want to make sure that the Fedex online system creates the label PLUS all the  necessary documents for customs.

Our email address for the label to be sent to is steve@reflectivestore.com .